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(Note: Most disposable soft contact lenses are packaged six lenses per box. On a daily-wear, two week replacement schedule, one box will usually last three months)

  Do not send us your credit card information online. We accept credit card payment (Visa or Mastercard) for telephone orders only. All orders placed online will require pickup from our office. Full payment will be required at the time of pickup.

  Online orders will only be accepted by current patients of Milford Eye Care. You must have a valid contact lens prescription. Contact lens prescriptions through Milford Eye Care Expire one year from the date of you exam.

  All contact lens wearers should have yearly eye exams to monitor eye health. If you experience eye redness, pain, decrease in vision, light sensitivity or mucus discharge, remove your contact lenses immediately and call the office. Remember to clean and disinfect your lenses with approved solutions and replace your lenses on a regular basis! Keeping this routine will ensure that your eyes remain healthy and your vision is at its best!!