Boston and the Metro West's Authority on Tearing Problems

   Dr. Francis Sutula, a 27 year veteran of Milford Eye Care is a recognized authority in the diagnosis and treatment of tearing problems. He was formerly the Director of The Lacrimal Service at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and Harvard Medical School. He also serves as a consultant in this area at New England Medical Center, Tufts Medical School and University of Massachusetts Medical Center.
Dr. Sutula has spent years developing his own highly successful techniques for this and other conditions in the field of Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery. You can access Dr. Sutula's expertise either by calling Miford Eye care directly of by referral from your current eye care provider.
Dr. Sutula's additional address:

Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary
243 Charles Street
Boston, Ma 02114


Experience and compassion with technology and expertise

     Dr. John Weiter has more than 30 years of experience with the full spectrum of retina problems, including diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment and macular degneration. Although his main office is in Boston, he sees patients by referral in Milford several days each month. Angiography, photography and laser is available in the office for the conveinence of his patients.
In addition to his experience and expertise in this field, Dr. Weiter is
known for his compassionate care and understandable explanations to his patients with these serious eye problems.
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